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How to reach Environmental Centre of Kleitoria




From Athens via Tripoli: 200km

From Patra via Diakopto: 120km

Arkadia Bus station:

Telephone: 00302105124910- 00302105132834- 00302710222560

Athens-Tripoli: 05.45, 07.30, 08.30, 09.30, 12.30, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00, 18,00, 19.00, 20.15, 21.00(only Friday), 22.00, 23.00 (only Sunday).

Tripoli-Athens:  05.00, 06.30, 07.30 (not Sunday and Saturday), 08.30, 09.30, 10.30, 11.30, 12.30, 13.45, 15.00, 16.30, 17.30, 19.00, 20.00 (only Sunday), 21.30, 22.00 (only Sunday)

Tripoli-Kleitoria: Monday to Sunday: 05.30, 14.00

Friday: 05.30, 14.00, 20.00

Kleitoria-Tripoli:  Monday-Friday: 06.45, 15.00

Saturday: 15.00

Sunday: 15.30

Direct Athens to Kleitoria: 11.00

Direct Kleitoria to Athens: 17.00 only Sunday

By car: follow the National Road Korinthos-Tripoli. In Nestani (63rd km) ,turn right and follow the direction Levidi-Vlaherna for 29km. When you meet Vlaherna village turn right to the direction of Steno Pagratiou village. The distance is 17km. After Steno Pagratiou Village turn right and you reach Kleitoria in 11km .



During winter it is quite cold in Kleitoria. Scapeland is beautiful also during autumn when everything turns from green to red, as leaves fall from the trees. It has the best climate for summer as it never gets too hot. There is always a lovely breeze that keeps you cool.November to March tend to be cold months and bring rainfall and snow to the region.

More information about the weather, you can find here:


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