Welcome to the Thematic Conference: "Learning to think in a digital society"

Venue: Athens, Greece, Divani Caravel hotel

Dates: 28, 29, 30 September 2017

Target group: Teachers of primary, secondary and vocational education

Hashtags: #Learning2Think, #eTwinning

Please note before registering!
Only teachers confirmed by the NSS may be registered to the conference.

* For teachers from Greece there are limited seats available.

You may watch the live streaming by clicking on this link.


Nowadays, it is the role of schools to foster the use of new technologies in a very conscious and active way, as well as to experiment with new modalities and new contexts in order for students to reflect, collaborate and develop creativity during their learning process. Thinking skills (computational thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, originality, strategising) are some of the most important skills that teachers are expected to develop in their students, matching the need for knowledge-based workers in the marketplace.

Businesses increasingly depend on the creation of new products, new services and new processes to increase competitiveness and productivity. Universities have always prided themselves on teaching intellectual skills, but the challenge to involve students at earlier age, especially at the undergraduate level, has an impact on the current paradigm. Also, it is not just in the higher management positions that these skills are required: from the trades to the public sector, workers are expected to identify needs and find appropriate solutions, at all levels.

In this Thematic Conference the emphasis is given to computational thinking skills. Computational Thinking represents a universally applicable attitude and skill set that everyone, not just computer scientists, should learn and use, and this is highlighted in  the European Reference Framework on key competences for lifelong learning. eTwinning, the largest teachers network in Europe, has long promoted the ideas of innovation, creativity and critical thinking. The time has come to offer, through this thematic conference, an overview of Computational Thinking concepts and applications, unveiling its potential for those involved in compulsory education, and showcasing how eTwinning can contribute to the process.

The main objectives of the thematic conference are then to:

  • Introduce the application of Computational Thinking in education, and how it can enable students to think in a different way while solving problems, and to analyse everyday issues from a different perspective.
  • Prepare teachers to facilitate the use of Computational Thinking in schools and in their eTwinning activities



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