About the seminar

Welcome to the website of the Multilateral Seminar. On this website you will find information concerning the event, which will take place in Vrachati, Corinth, Greece from 17-19 November 2016. The Multilateral Seminar is hosted by the Greek National Support Service (NSS) and is organized in collaboration with the NSSs participating in this event.

The theme of this event is "Migration and Tolerance"

Participating countries: Greece, France, Italy and the UK

Working language: English

Size of group: 45 participants

Focus group: Secondary Schools teachers
Students’ age group: 11 – 19

Before the Seminar:

  • You will attend an online seminar on the basics of eTwinning  and on what eTwinning offers to teachers in Europe
  • You will take part in an online course in order for you to get familiar with the Twinspace platform and get to know each other

During the Seminar:

  • You will receive information regarding the integration of pupils with migrant background in the classroom and you will be provided with resources on how to foster tolerance and respect for diversity
  • You will learn innovative methods for collaborative learning
  • You will be introduced to useful tools for organizing your project
  • You will meet colleagues from other European countries and find partners for projects related to the theme of Migration and Tolerance

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